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Went to dinner with 10 guys and a girl.

  • Blared music ridiculously loud in the van
  • Rider in the shotgun (and the driver) made utter fools of themselves by fist- pumping like champs
  • Loudest, rowdiest bunch in the whole restaurant
  • Became BFF with the waitress
  • Must’ve left around $50 in tips for her
  • Wrote all our numbers down (yes, including us girls) on a napkin to the MARRIED server
  • Learned a lot about guys - they flirt with you no matter what
  • Learned a lot about one in particular (Can’t see you the same anymore)
  • Had some hilarious moments (Matt: "I need to go poop everyone!" - 6 min. later - Me: "Did you have a nice poop?"
  • Had some awkward moments (Derek: “Don’t you have a boyfriend?” - Me: “Not anymore…”) 
  • Had some awkward flirtatious moments (Arnel: “I realized I ate a bone, so I removed the meat with my teeth and pulled the bone out with my tongue. - Me: Whoa, you have some mad skillz there.” - Arnel: “I know, I’m pretty good with my tongue.”)
  • Had some rage-evoking moments (Arnel: "Stupid women drivers.")
  • Had some cute moments (Arnel: "McGowan, shotgun." - John: "Oh no, the lady should take it.")

Who knew it’d be this entertaining to go to celebrate with people you used to know but hardly talk with now, people you’ve recently bonded deeply with, and people you’ve NEVER met before but clicked right away. Amazing! 

Happy birthday, bro! :)

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